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Champion of the Hoenn, I am a water user and a big fan of eevee and the evolutions. Especially Umbereon! :] Fan Fiction writer, so tell me ideas on your fan fics, and I'll write them up! :)

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The land of fire, Konoha, the Village hidden in the leaf. This town is home to the Nine Tailed Jincheriki, Naruto Uzumaki. But, many people don't know, it is home to another biju(jincheriki), Akatsuki, twin brother of Gaara. His Nine-Tailed beast, is the secret Two Tailed Skeletal Dragon. Our story comes up, after Naruto has graduated Ninja Academy, and Akatsuki, along with him.

Akatsuki laid on a bench, bored on waiting for a friend. "Hey!" A voiced called to Akatsuki. He sat up, and looked to the nearest building, on the roof, a boy in orange clothing waved at him. He jumped down and landed in front of Akatsuki. Akatsuki sighed and looked at the boy, "Your late....Naruto." He said. Naruto smiled and scratched his head, "Yea, my bad, woke up late and had to eat my ramen." Naruto said, he then turned and looked back towards Akatsuki, "Let's go, we've gotta see what cell we're in!" Naruto ran and was out of sight before long. Akatsuki got up and walked off, following Naruto.

Akatsuki made it to the building Naruto was heading. Naruto stood at the entrance, waiting for Akatsuki, "Come on!" Naruto yelled. "Let's get inside!" Naruto then ran inside, followed by Akatsuki. When they got in, Naruto ran to a table, and sat down, next to Sakura, and Sasuke. Sakura Haruno, Naruto's crush, he's liked her for awhile. Unfortunately, Sakura doesn't like Naruto, in fact, she finds him a moron, like everyone else in the village. Sakura, likes the boy she's next to, Sasuke Uchiha. Now him, he's different. They say he's a genius, which Akatsuki believes, Naruto, doesn't. Sasuke is the last surviving member of his clan, the Uchiha's, which were slaughtered.

Akatsuki looked around the room, looking at the other shinobi's. There was Shikamaru Nara, a lazy bum who's incredibly smart, Ino Yakamura, a fool for Sasuke as well, Choji, a chubby kid who eats a lot, Kiba, a human, with his ninja dog, Akamaru. There was also Shino, of the Abarame clan, who specializes in the chakra beetles, Hinata Hyuga, heir to the Hyuga main branch. That seemed to be everyone he knew. The door opened, and Akatsuki turned towards it, only to be pounced on by a girl. She was silver haired, with a light green color to her eyes. Her name was Mei Hazuki. She was a girl who liked Akatsuki, despite he has a monster in him, like Naruto. Mei likes Akatsuki, and Akatsuki was starting to like her too. He looked towards the table that Naruto sat at, Akatsuki saw Naruto sneer at him evilly. Akatsuki glared at him, and Naruto turned away to fight with Sasuke again.

"Hi Akatsuki!" Mei said, touching her forehead to Akatsuki's forehead. He smiled and said. "Hey Mei, are you here to figure out what cell your going to be in?" "Yep!" She said. "I hope we get put in a cell...." She then grew quiet. She leaned on a rail and looked down. Akatsuki put his hands on the rail, and tried to peer into her face, to find out what's wrong. Then, Mei's hand darted for his, and held his hand, in hers. She smiled, and said, "I've been waiting, and hoping for when we can be in the same cell." Akatsuki blushed, and smiled at her, he was about to say something, when Mei was pulled back, releasing their hands. A girl, a little older than Mei, held Mei by the collar. Her hair near black, and her eyes a burnt orange. "Don't get any funny ideas about my sister you freak." She said, as she dragged Mei away. She was Yumi Hazuki, Mei's older sister. She treated Akatsuki like everyone else did, and did not approve of her younger sister hanging around a monster. But, despite what her sister says, Mei always found a way to be with Akatsuki. One last person walked in, a male. His hair was a dark blue, his eyes, almost nothing. His name was Tatakai Hyuga, a Hyuga in the cadet class. He was always seen with Yumi, and hated Akatsuki and Naruto.

An instructor came in and told everyone to settle down. "Now," He started. "I will read off the cell numbers, and which sensei you'll report to." He pulled out a paper and started to read from it. He said a few kids names. He then came to the ones he knew. " Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, and Ai, you'll be with Asuma sensei." Ai, a girl who is always near Choji. She likes food too, but isn't fat like Choji. She likes to talk with Choji, and hang out with him, no one knows exactly what the deal is with those two. "Kiba, Shino, Hinata, and Aoi, you'll be going with Kurenai sensei." Aoi, another girl, friends with Kiba, who uses a ninja dog as well, a dog named Arata, she knows the Beast Mimicry. And the Fang over Fang jutsu. " Yumi, Mei, Tatakai, and Etsou, with Eiko sensei." Etsou, another boy who's always with Yumi and Tatakai. Akatsuki and Mei consider them the ring of bullies, as they always pick on Akatsuki and Naruto, and make sure Mei stays away from Akatsuki. Mei snuck off to stand next to Akatsuki, and when she heard that Akatsuki wasn't in her cell, she hung her head. Akatsuki peered at her face, and saw a tear forming. He took her hand, when he did, she looked up, and looked at Akatsuki in the eyes. He wiped the tear from her eye and said, "Don't worry about it Mei, we'll still see each other, its not like we'll never see each other again." Mei nodded and smiled, while Akatsuki kissed her forehead. Mei stopped smiling, and blushed, looking down. Akatsuki felt a glare, and looked specifically at Yumi, who was glaring at him.

The instructor read off the last names; "Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, and Akatsuki, you'll be with Kakashi." Akatsuki looked towards Naruto, to see him whining about Sasuke being in their cell. Akatsuki looked back to Mei, who quickly gave him a hug. Akatsuki stood there, surprised while Mei tightened the hug. She looked up and smiled to Akatsuki, she broke the hug and back up. Akatsuki watched her go, along with her cell. He felt bad somehow, he shook his head, and walked down to his cell.

Naruto was still mad that he ended up in the same cell as Sasuke, but Sasuke, Sakura, and Akatsuki didn't mind it. Akatsuki bowed to Sakura and Sasuke, "Nice to see you again, pleasure to be in the same cell." He said, Sakura bowed back, "Likewise Akatsuki, at least you'll be better than Naruto." She said, and Naruto yelled, "Hey, I'm better than Akatsuki will ever be!" Sasuke then jumped in saying, "Your a moron." Naruto began shouting at Sasuke again, and Akatsuki tried to find a place to sleep.

After awhile of sleeping, Akatsuki woke up, and looked around, seeing Naruto get down from the ceiling. 'What is he doing?' Akatsuki thought, as he sat up. Sakura started to scold Naruto, "What if this Kakashi sensei is strict, and will make us do hundreds of laps?!" She shouted. "Oh come on Sakura, it'll be funny!" Naruto said, as he ran back. Akatsuki looked up and saw a chalk board eraser wedged in between the door. "Naruto, you are an idiot." Akatsuki said, as he stood up. When he took a step, the door opened, and there was a sensei, reading a book, as the eraser fell on him. Naruto snickered, and Sakura's face was full of fear, Sasuke's face showed nothing, and Akatsuki just smiled.

"Hello, I'm Kakashi Hayate, your sensei for cell 8." Kakashi said, as if ignoring the eraser on his head. "Now if you please, follow me, we'll see if you have the guts to be a shinobi."


Nova: Hey guys, I'm back, sorry for the absence, lots of school, and writers block. I've changed my name, I shall be known as Crimson. Message me once you've read this, and we'll converse! :) Oh, and look for me on facebook, I'm Antonio Miguel Arguelles III, send me a message telling who you are, and I'll add ya, cya!

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